A Current View of the News

   We currently have 2 divisions. Gold and Silver.
  Our Fall season will begin in August 2020. Contact any board member above if you have any questions.
August 3, 2020:  Fall Season 2020 Packet Meeting  and Luck of the Draw at
Moose-1221 2425 N. Illinois St.,Swansea, IL. Meeting and signup at 7:30 pm Draw after meeting.
October 12, 2020: Mid Season meeting and Luck of the Draw at
Dutch Hollow Barn. Meeting and signup at 7:30 Draw after meeting.
If you  want to play contact any of the board members above or email SidaDartSec@gmail.com any time of the year. We are always trying to add new players to our teams.
Special Event : Blind Draws etc check Special events menu above.